Emotional and Cognitive State Tracking Dataset (ETICS)

The ETICS dataset was collected from 21 participants. It consists of three .csv files for each individualization level from the second part of the test and, correspondingly – 3 files for the third part (with task adaptation). These files consist of the following features:

  • Timestamp/ Stimuli/ Answer (User Response)/Performance/ Speed/ Reaction time - from the application manager;
  • Timestamp / Arousal/ Valence/ Attention/ Angry/ Disgust/ Fear/ Happy/ Neutral/ Sad/ Surprise – from MorphCast platform;
  • Data fusion of the above, matched by timestamp in the moment of user response.

In addition, synchronized high-resolution video (with audio) from the PC camera, capturing the face (and face expressions) of the user and screen capture video from the application (the stimuli of the cognitive test), are recorded in .mp4 file format.

ETICS was used in the manuscript by M. Markov, Y. Kalinin, V. MarkovaT. Ganchev (2023 under review). "Towards implementation of emotional intelligence in human-machine collaborative systems", submitted to Electronics, 2023, Special Issue on "Application of Artificial Intelligence in the New Era of Communication Networks". Download